Shyft Getting Started Guide

How to Get Started on Shyft

Thanks for downloading Shyft! We’ve put together a short guide to help get your store up and running and ultimately see the highest level of success possible.  This is a resource for all seniority levels, so let’s get started!

Shyft really works best with your entire store, otherwise, who would take your shifts? So get inviting!

What exactly is Shyft?

Shyft is an app that allows team members to trade shifts when unexpected conflicts happen to their schedules. The app will help them find coverage for assigned shifts as well as give them the ability to pick up available shifts.

Managers will have full control to approve or deny coverage, and this enables them to adjust to staffing issues without keeping team members on call!  And… this can be done without having to be present in the store.

Managers have cited that they are spending less time physically calling coworkers due to workload changes or helping employees cover shifts.  Employees have stated they are not typically in the store when they need to switch/post a shift and the mobile capability is a huge benefit.

Feature Tutorials

Downloading the Shyft App

Adding Your Location

Inviting Your Team

Posting a Shift To Get Covered

Posting Your Availability

Managing Your Schedule

Posting a Photo Schedule

Your Home Tab

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Your Team Tab

Shyft Pro

Magic Schedule Upload Feature

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Personal Information Shared?

Nope! Your personal information is not shared with other employees. All notifications are posted in the app and not through your phone number. To participate, you will need to use your phone number.

If my whole team is on Shyft, do I have to participate?

Nope! Participation is not mandatory. However, we recommend everyone does participate in order for everyone to be on the same page. Each store will continue to follow their existing processes for posting and swapping shifts.

However, once you use Shyft, you won’t want to ever stop. 🙂

How do I get help/support with the app?

Shyft support is available at any time within the application. You may also raise questions with your leadership team. You can also visit to view tutorials, best practices & other resources!

What happens when my shift gets picked up by my coworker?

Management must approve the scheduled trade using their admin privileges from within the app. 

Once the trade is confirmed by a manager, the originally scheduled employee no longer owns the shift; the ownership now belongs to the person who was approved to cover it. However, it is similar to swapping shifts via texting or in person. If the person who agreed to pick up your shift does not show up, it is the responsibility of the person who was originally scheduled to work said shift.

Management must update Workforce Management with the new schedule and the employees assigned to it to ensure the Company’s records are accurate.

How do I know when a trade is approved?

Management will confirm the shift trade via the Shyft app. When the shift is approved you will be notified through the app.

Once confirmed they will update the Personnel Management with the schedule change.

What happens if my trade is not approved or denied by my manager?

If this trade is not approved, you are still responsible for working your shift. Otherwise, please follow store procedures on finding coverage.

Can I accept a shift if the extra hours will put me into overtime for the week?

Accepting a shift that would put the employee into overtime is not permitted without manager approval.

What are the responsibilities of a Shyft Admin?

Admins have access to all the settings for their location on Shyft. They are able to accept new members, approve or deny shift swaps, lock the location.  

Admins are responsible for ensuring that members on Shyft are active participants in the app. If an employee is terminated from their position, the Admin should remove that member from the app.

What #CustomGroups should I create for my team?

#CustomGroups are a very useful feature to stay in touch with your team, without the need to share phone numbers. You’re able to create a group and discuss certain topics to only others on a need-to-know basis.

Some groups other users have created are:

  • #StoreManagers
  • #ShiftSupervisors
  • #Cashiers
  • #StorePromotions
  • #General or #Funny
  • #HelpfulTips 
  • #WeeklyMotivation

The sky is the limit! Get creative & create groups that are relevant to your own stores’ needs.

I’m in charge many locations, how do I go about implementing Shyft to all of them?

Great question! In order for us to best answer this for you, please click here to fill out a short “Demo Request” form on the next page. Once completed, a Shyft Team Member will be in touch shortly thereafter to discuss next steps.

Manager? Start your own success story

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Shyft Testimonials

Really great to communicate with entire team at once to ensure everyone is on the same page.

I use the app as a method of sending the weekly schedule out to my team members. The other alternative is relying on them to check it, and in a college town it’s best to not have to count on them.

People aren’t texting me outside of work to change shifts I can check in on the app once a day even on my day off and they know shift changes must be posted there by that time to get approval. Mostly saves me from frustration of last minute changes

All announcement’s, changes or important details revolving around the store are easier to communicate as a whole to all employees at once.

I use the app to put up shifts that need covered. If I didn’t use this app I’d have to call each associate to find out who could come in.

I used to spend a lot of time on the phone calling employees and shift has made it so I can just post the shift. We have so many less call outs and problems because associates just switch shifts.

We used to have to deal with last minute call outs and having to find someone to cover quick! This saves us so much time!

The shift filters are really handy for my employees to see everything laid out without zooming into the schedule; which is easy to share with my staff when I am not near the store.