New Shyft Feature Updates are Here!

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Your store has been selected to test a couple of new and exciting Shyft features! These new features include a more secure login process and automatically-imported associate schedules from PM into Shyft. The duration of the test will be about one month. So, let's break down the new features! 
Updated Shyft Login Process
New Login Procedure
What's New in the App
All associates and Shyft users at your store will now log in to Shyft using your employee ID and POS password.
This new process allows your location to be more secure than ever - so if an employee no longer has a Gap Inc. employee ID and POS password, they cannot log into your location on Shyft.
Anytime a new employee joins, they will see the 'Sign Up Screen' above to sign up with their employee ID and POS password. Once their account is created, they will stay logged in for 24-hour increments. Every associate and admin will need to re-login every 24 hours for security purposes from the 'Log In Screen' above.
Automatic PM Schedule Imports
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This is a feature we have been so excited about; meet Automatic PM Schedule Imports. Now when you publish your schedule in the PM system, it will automatically upload and distribute the shifts into the interactive Shyft more taking pictures of the schedule or manually entering your shifts!
Key Highlights:
  • Associates will be able to see all of their own shifts displayed (Calendar Dates highlighted in green), and managers will be able to see everyone's shifts displayed. (Calendar Dates highlighted in blue)
  • When an associate needs a shift covered, they can choose the one they want to find coverage for, and once swapped, that shift will now be displayed under the new shift owner's name.

    NOTE: This will NOT update the PM system. You will need to input shift swaps in the PM system after shift changes are approved.
  • Schedule imports from PM into Shyft will occur overnight on Thursdays.
  • Associates will be able to access their schedules on Friday morning from the Shyft app.
  • Any schedule edits made in PM by a manager after Thursday at 9:00PM PST will not be included in the automatic schedule import and will need to be manually entered into Shyft if an associate wants to swap a shift.
Feedback & Support
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As a pilot store, you will receive in-app prompts to take a survey and provide feedback on these new features. We greatly appreciate any feedback, so be as specific as you can! 
As always, if any issues arise, don't hesitate to reach out to for priority support.
Additionally, Shyft office hours are around the corner where we will discuss the new features in-depth and we encourage you to join to catch up to speed and ask any questions you may have.  Office hours will be held on June 6th at 10:00AM.
Join using the button below.
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