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Company Background

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Shyft was founded in 2015 and has produced a truly innovative product offering in the workforce management space. Shyft’s app helps workers swap shifts, communicate with each other, and make more money by covering shifts. Companies who rollout Shyft fleet-wide empower their associates by offering scheduling flexibility and direct access to shift-swapping and posting. In turn, companies benefit from the reduction of redundant tasks which frees up time for frontline workers to focus on sales and conversion. The company continues to excel in product development and mobile expertise with a culture based on entrepreneurship and integrity. Shyft is also the 2018 Gold Prize Winner of the Seattle Business Magazine’s Tech Impact Award for Emerging Companies.

Media Contact

Gwen Murray
VP of Marketing
(858) 774-0342

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Brett Patrontasch

Chief Executive Officer


Under Brett’s leadership, Shyft has secured partnerships with leading global retailers. His dynamic personality creates a culture of entrepreneurship, ownership and innovation within his team. Brett continues to deliver on the company’s mission of improving the daily lives of shift workers worldwide.

Brett has a deep background in starting companies from the ground up, including a home services company that he founded in Canada which employed over two thousand shift workers. He studied at McGill University and successfully secured placement for Shyft in Seattle’s competitive Techstars program.

With Brett at the helm, Shyft received the Gold Honor in Seattle Business Magazine’s 2018 Tech Impact Awards. He was also recognized as a Top Rated CEO for Diversity by Comparably.

Daniel Chen

Chief Technology Officer


Daniel Shudan Chen is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Shyft Technologies. Daniel leads Shyft’s Engineering, Product and Quality Assurance teams to deliver advanced mobile technology that solves day to day challenges for frontline workers. Daniel is actively exploring the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to workforce management mobile technology to drive innovation and reduce costs for companies.

Daniel previously founded Synergos Innovations, a technology consulting firm that developed mobile solutions for clients such as Toyota, Lexus, and American Express. Daniel studied at the University of Toronto, where he has served as an advisor for the University of Toronto Mississauga ICUBE startup program. He currently lives in Seattle with his wife and two children.

Shyft in the Media

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